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Alyssa's Story

Born in Malaysia and raised in Australia, Alyssa has faced many challenges in her life and since has thrived on change. Alyssa is a highly experienced marketing and sales professional specialising in data driven digital transformation. In her early career days, Alyssa was introduced to HubSpot and admired the robust new technology it provided for sales and marketing.

Alyssa’s motto for work and every day is

“For things to change, I must change first”.

Alyssa's Story
HubSpot certified partner and evangelist

HubSpot certified partner and evangelist

As a HubSpot solutions architect and HubSpot partner, Alyssa works closely with businesses to understand their goals, target market, processes and reporting requirements. Her main focus and approach to marketing is optimising the buyer’s journey and using the inbound methodology, RevOps and CRM.

Alyssa says, “I believe that marketing and sales work together like Batman and Robin – you get the best results when both work in tandem. My experiences in customer service and sales have given me a strong understanding of customer pain points, which allows me to recognize the “why” behind their behaviour and develop customer-centric marketing strategies.”


Sharing experiences and knowledge

Alyssa was honoured to be a spokesperson for Digital Marketers Australia 2023 to discuss the capabilities of using the right CRM, RevOps and automation for marketers within Australia, and how in today’s economic climate businesses need to put CRM and first data strategies as their number one priority to be efficient.

Alyssa was also selected to be part of Melbourne Busniess School Online’s upcoming “MBS Digital Marketing: Analytics and Strategy Career Accelerator” course. This one-of-a-kind course is for digital marketing leaders with skills to design and implement data-driven strategies that convert leads and gain more business acumen.


Google Ads Certified Specialist

Alyssa was mentored by one of the best Google Ads experts and author, Mike Rhodes for 4 years. Over her career she has managed various Google Ads accounts including Frank Green, Annmarie Skin Care, Ship-A-Car Direct, Royale Essence, Hummer Limos, Mr Pool Man, MicroSourcing, Probe Group and more in both ecommerce and lead generation with budgets ranging from $5 to $250k per month to assist businesses achieve their overall goal conversions.

Alyssa and Gather ‘n’ Grow’s unique and special ability to combine HubSpot and Google Ads provides a deeper understanding and expertise in lead generation, lead nurturing, sales optimisation and business operations perspective.

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