Marketing Automation


Create More Personalised Customer Experiences

We’ll help you create a 1-1 communication with your audience, at scale!

After attracting the right type of leads, marketing automation becomes powerful to segment your audience. With clever campaign logic and lead nurturing sequences, you get to create delightful customer experiences.

It’s about creating journeys for your prospects to take and creating more “aha” and “they just get me” moments between you and your audience via email, SMSs, chatbots and much more.

Remember, marketing automation has evolved from being primarily a middle of funnel (research phase) to a full funnel strategy to turn your customers into brand evangelists and upsell/crossell existing customers.

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Increase Your Scope & Scale Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation is more than just automated emails and SMS sent based on triggers. It’s also a way to improve team productivity (through automation) and customer experiences.

We will help you take marketing automation to the next level by automating manual and repetitive tasks, sending relevant content to the right audience at the right time at the right place and improving customer experience with chatbots.

Let us figure it out and put an actionable plan for you so you can have more time to do what you do best and to work on your business.


Progressively Qualify Your Leads Throughout The Buyer’s Journey

Being able to anticipate what your prospects might need throughout their buying process and ask the right questions to funnel them into the right groups, are no longer “nice-to-have”s in marketing. It’s fundamental to any marketing strategy!

We can help you leverage on marketing automation and your CRM to qualify your incoming leads, understand their online behaviour across multiple touch points, assign scores and make more holistic decisions.

And of course, automatically alert your sales team when the leads have reached sales qualified stage and create a seamless hand off between marketing, sales and customer support.



What does marketing automation entail?

Marketing automation is about combining a creative mix of email marketing, SMS, content, social media and more to nurture prospects with relevant, targeted and useful content. It’s also about removing friction for the user (your team), your prospects and customers.

If you’d like to learn more, read HubSpot’s take on explaining marketing automation.

Marketing automation's failed for me before. What makes this different?

Marketing automation is often for the middle and bottom of funnel which means you need to ensure there’s a strong strategy at the top of the funnel (through content, Facebook ads, Google ads, social media etc) for support. If you’re bringing in the wrong leads and expecting to turn them into the right leads, it might not quite work out.

Tip: Have a well-oiled up CRM and strategy to ensure you’re working on collecting useful data you can trust. Helps with segmentation!

How complex can a marketing automation build be?

As creative as we can be is the short answer. Marketing automation is really about problem solving and being creative in creating solutions using HubSpot to achieve the business goal.

It can be simple automated nurturing emails to distribution of leads at scale and integrating with other tools to create a more holistic system that helps run aspects of your business.

Do you do chatbots?

Yes. There are a couple of options we can do this. HubSpot CRM comes with conversational bot functionalities which is free for users and gets stored into your CRM directly (win!). If you need more flexibility in functionality, there’s Many Chat which can be integrated with HubSpot too!

What kind of integrations can I do?

HubSpot Connect Partners have made it more convenient for HubSpot users to integrate third party software to HubSpot – fueling HubSpot as your central business engine. See the full list of HubSpot integrations here that we can do for you.

If you require a custom API integration, we can discuss further to understand the scope of work.

Is email marketing the same as marketing automation?

Not quite. Email marketing is one of the many aspects of marketing automation.

Marketing automation allows marketers to send relevant content to the right audience, let users take their own journey based on their online behaviour, qualify leads throughout their buying journey and best of all, help improve productivity by removing manual work as much as possible.

I want to send automated SMSs/text messages. Is this possible?

We certainly can. It depends on your country base, budget, requirements and overall strategy, which can be discussed further during our exploratory call.

Inbound Addons (SMS only) and JustCall are excellent solutions for those who want to send text messages as part of the HubSpot workflow, enrich your CRM data with more information and context and record calls.


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