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Are You Maximising The Power Of Technology?

Every app in a company’s business platform is a piece in their platform puzzle. The goal is to fit these pieces together to enhance efficiency, employee success, and customer satisfaction. But often what happens is a business buys technology to solve a problem in silo without thinking about the overall bigger picture.

Often times, companies don’t go back and clean up their technology stack. So now you’ve got this compounding problem where people across the entire company are adopting new tools compounded by the fact that the use case might be time dependent. Another common situation is when businesses have had multiple change of team members, technology also gets passed around the office with no solid strategy and plan. This doesn’t have to be you!

Getting a health check is a good way to find out how else you could milk or revise your current set of technology software to aid your business growth.

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Identify Gaps and Missed Opportunities In Your Processes & Techstack

By getting an audit (after understanding your business goals & needs, of course), we will help you identify missed opportunities, share new perspectives and find better ways of achieving your goals with the right tools for your business.

We will audit which apps are responsible for key business processes, what the critical integrations are, which departments are using which applications. without that central understanding of what’s in use, what the status of this different applications and what the key role or function for a given app is it’s too easy to let that stagnate over time and that in turn creates a challenge to manage and ultimately it hurts your goal of trying to solve these business problems with technology.

More importantly, we will identify how data flows from one application to another and find your leaky buckets.


Get A Roadmap Of Recommendations

This isn’t just any regular audit. You will get a strategic document with recommendations that align with your current platform and leverage data to create better customer and employee experiences.

A sneakpeek into the type of review we will be doing:

– What metrics can be tracked through this app?

– What objects does this app touch most frequently?

– How ingrained is the app?

– Does the team use this app frequently?

– How much would it cost/time/effort to move the team away from this app? process , training and data migration resources.

– If this app was removed, what processes would be disrupted?

– How easy is this app to use?

– How much more are competitors charging?

– What business needs aren’t being met by this app?

– What reports/analytics do you wish that this app would be able to track/capture?

– How does the usage and functionality of the app overlap with other apps?

– What existing data will be impacted by an integration

– What direction the data will flow

– Is there enough internal resources to support this effort?

– Should the app be replaced by X, connected to Y, left untouched or removed completely and more

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How long does an audit take?

Generally, these are the timelines we work with. We will always take the time to understand the way you’re using various technology tools and your business goals, marketing plans, sales processes and more before starting the audit. It’s important that we understand the context before going deep into your tech stack with a fine-tooth comb.

Approximately, it can take between 5-15 business days – depending on the complexity of processes and techstack.

How often should I be doing an audit?

Depending on your business size and processes, it is good to do health checks every 6 months. If you’re short on time, we can do an audit for you and share our unbiased ideas and point of view.

What do I get out of paying for a techstack audit?

A lot of times these decisions are happening in a vacuum where one department is choosing a tool that best fits their needs in a different department or team might be adopting a different tool that might overlap with some functionality, but because it serves their teams… without the view of the business as a whole.

At the end of the audit, you will get an unbiased list of ideas on what areas are working well, how you can improve and streamline your current techstack, major warning signs that could lead to detrimental outcomes in the future and apps/integrations you could use but aren’t yet. You’ll get the what, why & how.

Do you we have to audit every part of the techstack and process?

We generally prefer auditing the whole process as they’re all interconnected and context could be missed. However, we could break up the audits into chunks and focus on certain areas. We would need to discuss and agree the scope.

I'm one of your customers. Do I need to pay for an additional audit?

If you’re on a retainer with us, we will do random spotchecks. As a techstack audit goes beyond HubSpot, it would need to be requested and agreed upon so that you are across how the support retainer is spent.


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