CRM Clean Up, Setup & Management


Turn Your CRM Data Into A Gold Mine

CRM – the most underrated and often the first to be neglected part of the business.

In today’s GDPR-protected and privacy-first world, first-party data has never been more important. If customer is king, so should CRM. A clean CRM database means you have higher quality contacts for your advertising remarketing strategy, can find more customers similar to contacts via Facebook Ads and Google Ads, can more accurately forecast revenue with reliable sales data, better segment and upsell or cross-sell to customers – at the right time, right place.

Better customer experiences = Better long term success. Safe to say, your CRM needs to be a priority!


CRM Strategy That Serves Marketing, Sales & Support

The goal is to have a single source of truth all in one central place shared by different marketing, sales, customer service, customer support and customer success teams.

With many native integrations available with HubSpot, such as ZenDesk, PandaDoc, Eventbrite, Insycle, CallRail, JustCall and AskNicely, we can help you integrate different data sources with HubSpot to enrich your CRM data.

It’s time to make more data-driven decisions, powered by your CRM!


Leverage On Your CRM To Better Nurture & Close Sales

With a strong CRM strategy and data you can actually trust and rely on, your marketing, sales and support teams will have a central place with shared communication, engagement history and lead behaviour data.

No more scrolling through past email communications and making guesstimates. Instead, leverage on your CRM data to get the behavioural signals and context to show up in front of your hot leads and nurture warm leads with the right content at the right time.

Your CRM needs to be the center of everything you do – no longer put on the backburner. It can be rather overwhelming, so let us help you. Let’s chat!



I've a small database, do I need a CRM strategy?

That’s a very good question and a common mistake businesses make. It may seem pointless to have a CRM strategy because it’s “still manageable”.

We highly recommend at least having a simple structure and plan in place before it gets out of hand and result in more (avoidable) work in the future. Remember, it’s about being agile and to iterate as your business and CRM grows.

I use other CRM tools as well, can I still get a strategy?

Sure, there are businesses who prefer using other CRM softwares like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc for different reasons. HubSpot CRM is our primary focus but we can create an overarching plan to ensure the information captured in HubSpot is being translated effectively.

I have an ecommerce business, do I need to prioritise my CRM?

Yes, definitely. If you had a CRM that’s able to data to find your top purchasers, contacts most engaged with content, contacts with highest LTV, contacts who bought certain products, imagine what this could mean for your remarketing ads, upselling plans and loyalty marketing campaigns! Read this article.

We don't have the time or resources to prioritise this, how can we work together?

That’s understandable and that’s where we come in. We will workshop together at the beginning to ensure we’ve enough information and context to build out a plan and roll it out for you.

I'm afraid focusing on CRM strategy now will slow down the marketing campaigns. What is the best way forward?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to slow your marketing campaigns down. Both can work in parallel of each other to ensure neither are creating a hindrance.

We’ll work together to break up the work to be done into chunks and share the timelines with you. We will prioritise important/must-do’s and reshuffle to ensure both CRM and marketing campaign activities are progressing in the right direction.

What data cleaning tools do you use?

It will be a combination of HubSpot workflows, Operations Hub, Excel manipulation and data manipulation tools like Insycle where you can dedupe, cleanse, import, bulk merge, change associations using complex criteria.

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