Inbound Marketing


Why Invest In Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about attracting the right type of customers that will actually be profitable for your business by creating relatable, targeted and useful content you can be an authority on. The goal is to become an authority on topics you want to rank for.

By focusing on the buyer, the content you create is intended to guide them throughout their buying journey, help solve their problems and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Attracting prospects with content is half the battle won. The other half is to have segmented nurturing sequences to send personalised and targeted content as they go through the research and buying phase.

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Build A Strong Foundation With Buyer Personas & Funnel Mapping

Content marketing is powerful when you really know your ideal customers. It’s vital to spend resources effectively by being hyper-targeted by understanding how your audience searches for information, where they hang out online and offline, who makes the decisions and more!

The inbound way is about being helpful. To be helpful, you need to learn about what matters to them so you can create content that addresses their key concerns.

That’s why before starting any strategy, we will always identify your ideal buyer personas and map their journey from discovery to purchase!


We'll Create A 90-Day Inbound Marketing Plan With You

We take the time to understand your current business situation and goals and work together to build a strategy and plan. From Day 1, you’ll get full transparency and measurable results that are aligned with your business goals and bottom line.

You’ll get regular check-in calls and a monthly report to ensure you are well-informed every step of the way. We will work in an agile manner to pivot the strategy as we go.



What does an inbound marketing entail?

Inbound marketing is a methodolgy, a mindset and a philosophy. Simply put, it’s about making customer experience the heart of everything you do. This means having teams aligned, smooth hand-offs and giving useful relevant content targeted as helping your audience solve their problems.

Having a platform like HubSpot where you can do all the work and have data stored in one place makes reporting easier and holistic. Here’s a great detailed explanation on what is inbound marketing and video.

I'm not sure if I want to do the full strategy. Are there tiered plans available?

We understand that every business have different requirements and priorities. We can certainly discuss and go through the tiered plans so you can pick the appropriate one.

I have a team that can do some of the execution, does this work?

Sure, we can develop a strategy together and plan how the workload can be shared effectively. This is a great way to learn inbound marketing too.

I would like to outsource the entire piece to you, does that work?

Certainly. We work with you based on your business resources and needs. Keep in mind that we will need you to be a part of the planning to ensure goals are aligned.

Is 90 days fixed?

That’s the recommended time frame that we would use for our inbound marketing strategy. A 90-day plan helps us to stay focused on a manageable number of marketing activities aligned to a goal. By having a reasonable marketing timeframe, it allows you to be agile to meet the overall business goal and direction.


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