Digital Strategy


Bring The Different Channels & Tactics Into A Working Strategy

Strategy is about making choices and trade offs. It’s about deliberately choosing to be different.

Building an effective digital strategy is about knowing how the different channels work, which channels to leverage on and when, how much to invest and how it fits with the offline world.

Like a puppet show, building a digital marketing strategy about knowing which strings to pull and how hard to pull on them to orchestrate and tell a beautiful story.

To say the least, making the wrong trade off (often unknowingly) can lead to very different outcomes… We don’t like that!


From Problem Unaware To Solution Aware

We believe that your high-level strategy should be the same in both the digital and offline worlds. Real success is when you marry the two seamlessly.

Remember – your customers don’t think about channels, just what matters to them and what’s convenient for them.

Before developing any strategy at all, we will take the time to review your existing digital presence and activities, understand what’s working and not and what will drive sales, the most important KPI.

We will then tailor the strategy to fit your business and audience. It’ll be a mixture of channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, SMS, podcasting, guest blogging and more – depending on your budget and capacity.


Say Goodbye To Siloed Channel Strategies

With us, you get a holistic digital strategy that meets business strategy. There’s no two ways about this.

If you are working in channel siloes, you’re missing out on shared knowledge and direction. If you want a siloed channel strategy, we aren’t the right team for you.

Our approach is very collaborative, transparent and data-driven. We believe learning the what and the why of the digital strategy, pros & cons of the trade-offs and how it’s integrated into your business plan are vital for success.

We will set goals together, dig through available data, identify gaps to close and develop a flexible plan that can evolve in the fast-paced and constantly changing digital landscape. You’ll be guided every step of the way, as hands-on or hands-off as you like!



Why is digital marketing separate from marketing strategy?

Good question. Often businesses have their own marketing strategy that they’ve set out but need assistance on the digital side of things. So the digital marketing strategy service solely focuses on online marketing (i.e. CRM, email, website redesign, content etc).

What does digital strategy include?

The digital marketing strategy will vary as every business has their own unique business model, structure, target market etc. It’s really about creating an overall strategy that’s tailored for you. Be where your customers are. This includes:
– Website restructure
– Content
– Social
– Email marketing
– Webinars
– Ads
– Landing page optimisation
– Website analytics
– Competitive analysis
– Online reviews
– Video marketing

My business has never really done digital much so I don't know where to start and am cautious about being too fast.

No problem, we’ll work at a suitable pace and roll it out slowly. Over time, we’ll increase pace and become more digitally focused, without forgetting offline channels.

Do I need to use HubSpot to do digital marketing with you?

To get results you can actually measure to the contact level, not have to move from software to software and prefer a more integrated/all-in-one approach and save time, HubSpot is the way to go.

We can work on the strategy with you but you would have to do the execution (except for WordPress).

I'm using other marketing software at the moment but considering HubSpot as an option. For now, I want to just do digital marketing though.

Sure, we can work with that. You would have to do most of the hands on execution work (except WordPress), we’ll work on the strategy, analysis and planning. When you move to HubSpot, we can do more of the execution then.


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