Carlito – Bring Sales And Operations Team Together



The Problem

Carlito is a software-as-a-service solution that offers accommodation providers an exclusive Progressive Web App (PWA) solution. 


Through their intuitive building block system and control centre, small to high-end luxury accommodation businesses can easily create and publish apps and content to provide their guests with a personalised digital holiday experience (information, communication and service features).

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The Solution

Realising that it can be tricky to manage constant sales, data and workload, Carlito realised it was time to migrate into Hubspot and they required an expert to guide them through the process. The power of Carlito and Hubspot achieved great outcomes, a stronger communicating team, real-time data and reports, delivering meaningful content to help strengthen sales and improve the business’ retention model.


Carlito realised it’s vital to maintain data, notes, insights, to-do lists within Hubspot as it provides a central information conduit. The upkeep and transparency of communication in the company was getting lost through various emails and other platforms. Being able to utilise HubSpot automation system, the team’s communication has been streamlined and painless. Automated messages including notes, data, insights, to-do lists, and reminders are now sent to individual corresponding team members. Data that was lost is now rectified within Hubspot’s architecture to suit the company’s goals of representing the business numbers and processes outcomes.



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The Outcome

The Sales and Implementation team of Carlito required an expert to guide them through Hubspot in order to manage their high volume of sales coming in and to properly track and review upsells and cross-sells. With the strength of a Hubspot, Carlito are now able to set up sales and deals correctly, view accurate data, prevent any duplications, effortlessly measure and track upsells, downgrades, and upgrades within the business. The Sales and Implementation team gained visibility into a contact or prospect’s website activity, sales notes, meetings, calls, and demos that led to implementation by utilising Hubspot’s integration.


Carlito can now focus on embracing their new technologies, communication channels and ability to personalise digital holiday experiences for their customers.


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