HubSpot Audit


Are You Maximising The Power Of HubSpot?

HubSpot’s an incredibly powerful tool (and you probably know this), but like most cases, businesses are only scraping the tip of the iceberg or worse, it gets pushed to the “too hard” pile.

Another common situation is when businesses have had multiple change of team members, HubSpot also gets passed around the office with no solid strategy and plan. This doesn’t have to be you!

Getting a health check is a good way to find out how else you could milk this powerful platform to aid your business growth.

HubSpot Audit

Identify Gaps & Missed Opportunities In Your HubSpot Portal

Getting setup and navigating around HubSpot is the easy part (thank goodness for brilliant UI/UX). But it takes a lot of time to truly understand the intricacies and power of HubSpot- especially with continuous product changes and upgrades. There are always untapped opportunities, room for improvement and process optimisations to be done in your HubSpot portal.

By getting an audit (after understanding your business goals & needs, of course), we will help you identify missed opportunities, share new perspectives and find better ways of achieving your goals with HubSpot.


Get A Roadmap Of Recommendations

This isn’t just any regular audit. You will get a strategic document with recommendations on how you could use HubSpot better to achieve your marketing and sales needs.

Get in touch with us for an audit if you have asked yourself these questions:

– Has HubSpot been used correctly for our business?

– Are we maximising HubSpot’s apps and integrations enough?

– Are we missing any opportunities in HubSpot?

– Is there room for improvements to achieve better results?

– Are we making any mistakes that could hurt our performance?

– What could I be doing differently to improve productivity?

– Is there anything else I could be automating?



How long does an audit take?

Generally, these are the timelines we work with. We will always take the time to understand the way you’re using HubSpot and your business goals, marketing plans and sales processes before starting the audit. It’s important that we understand the context before going deep into your HubSpot account with a fine-tooth comb.

Marketing/Sales Pro: 3-5 days from kick-off call

Marketing/Sales Enterprise: 5-7 days from kick-off call

How often should I be doing an audit?

Depending on your business size and how you use HubSpot, it is good to do health checks every quarter. If you’re short on time, we can do an audit for you and share our unbiased ideas and point of view.

What do I get out of paying for a HubSpot audit?

At the end of the audit, you will get an unbiased list of ideas on what areas are working well, how you can improve HubSpot, major warning signs that could lead to detrimental outcomes in the future and HubSpot apps/integrations you could use but aren’t yet. You’ll get the what, why & how.

Do you have tiering options for a HubSpot audit?

We generally prefer auditing the whole platform as they’re all interconnected and context could be missed. However, we could break up the audits into chunks (Marketing, Sales and Service Hub) if that suits your business better.

We offer tiered pricing too as the HubSpot software level you have will also determine the functionalities you have available.

I'm one of your customers. Do I need to pay for an additional audit?

If you’re on a retainer with us, we will do regular health checks for you so not to worry, this will be taken care of!


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