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The Problem

A “One-Stop” solution for commercial cleaning, disinfection and infection prevention.

System4 IPS a customised cleaning and disinfection program provided by pre-screened, licensed, bonded & fully insured local service providers. Also offers a specialised antimicrobial coating service to protect surfaces for months. 

#Industry: Facilities Services

System4 IPS has been using HubSpot but not to its full potential. It’s easy for a business to jump into a CRM and apply the basics, however, it can easily get lost and cause risk and inefficiencies if not maintained or set up with a suitable architecture. For System4 IPS, a major clean-up was advised to focus to achieve Marketing activities and Sales growth. The benefits of having everything on one platform, such as data-driven, sales forecasting, and greater productivity.


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The Solution

When System4 IPS had a spike in their services, focusing on the Sales funnel and tracking CPAs (cost per acquisition) of paid sources was vital. System4 IPS finds that it was easy for their contacts to overflow, resulting in over bloating in the CRM, confusion, duplicates, and additional costs by exceeding their number of contacts coming from deals or lead generations.

It is important that the contact lists and automation within HubSpot were working efficiently. With the power of HubSpot, System4 IPS were able to update the automated deal creation from broker sources and remove manual data entry.

HubSpot’s Marketing campaign tool was pivotal and System4 IPS can now compare paid sources based on sales velocity and deal value as well as CPAs. This made the workflow efficient and allowed the business to confident invest in Marketing activities.





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The Outcome

Given the complexity of serving various customers, customisability of the HubSpot CRM platform has been an essential in organising the database and contacts for System4 IPS. The business initially obtained reviews manually via the Sales team and knew this wasn’t a feasible option in the long term when the business scales.

With a HubSpot expert being able to assist, Systems 4 IPS utilises HubSpot’s capabilities of being able to set appointments, meetings, deals, and leads all within the platform. All Sales, Marketing and Service departments can get a 360 view of customers deals, notes, and leads.

In addition, Sales and Marketing can use a dashboard with real-time data for team productivity and achievement comparison to see any missed forecasts, opportunities, and report any missing data that requires to be resolved instantly.

Now that everything is integrated and centralised into one system,
System4 IPS has more visibility into leads, deals, sales forecasting,
customer onboarding, meetings and appointments, and tools to
successfully grow their business.

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