Azupay – Building Scalable CRM Strategy



The Problem

Azupay are specialists in real-time payments and the first to offer an Australian made consumer-to-business payment solution using the New Payments Platform (NPP) and PayID. 


Azupay provides a fast, efficient and cost-effective way for Australian businesses and consumers to pay and get paid in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

#Industry: Fintech, start-up

Azupay is a fintech start-up that is growing rapidly and knew it was time to focus on aligning their Sales, Marketing and Customer services. HubSpot’s migration has empowered better architecture in the CRM platform so that the business can focus on delivering great customer experience, meaningful content, thought leadership, and engagements for longer sales cycles.




The Solution

As it was still the early days for Azupay, the business was quick to realise that they required a robust and well-structured architecture in a CRM platform. Azupay used a previous platform that didn’t suit their needs, Sales cycle, and Marketing activities. Since the migration, HubSpot could identify internal gaps between Sales and Marketing and implemented automated workflows for the Sales team for leads and deals, connection of socials, subscriptions and emails for Marketing activities, contacts database, customer onboarding, and sales forecasting.


HubSpot offers a single 360 view of the customer, powering all of Azupay’s Sales and Marketing activities. Being able to customise Azupay’s landing pages enabled more creativity and opportunities during campaigns and customer journeys, thought-leadership, resources, and lead generation. Due to HubSpot’s flexibility and capabilities, Azupay was able to integrate with Eventbrite, which empowered more thought-leadership events and webinars with other industries, businesses, and customers. With HubSpot’s capabilities, Azupay has seen a spike in their organic growth channel.





The Outcome

Since Azupay is rapidly scaling, the business realised that their customers, large or small, often required bespoke support with their onboarding journey. With the power of HubSpot, sales and workflows were implemented during the initial stages of nurturing these customers. In addition, pre-qualified leads were set in place by applying different field options including company size, location, and industry to better understand customers in order to provide more personalised and meaningful support during their onboarding journey.


By setting up the correct foundations in HubSpot’s CRM platform, there’s less manual processing and room for error. Azupay can now focus on delighting their customers and continue to focus on their growth with thought-leadership, sales cycles and forecasting, and customer journeys.


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