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The Problem

Gathered Here is Australia’s largest and most trusted end-of-life services website, helping over 30,000 families every month.

Makes end-of-life services more approachable, accessible and transparent for all Australians.

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Gathered Here as a business has been scaling rapidly, which required
a powerful CRM platform for internal departments to focus on the
customers. Due to their rapid growth, Gathered Here had been
hosting their data within various platforms and spreadsheets, and
wanted a single source of truth where data, contacts, deals and
tickets can be housed in a centralised location. By migrating to
HubSpot’s CRM platform, this was key to bringing their database
together and providing greater productivity within the business.


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The Solution

Many businesses use various platforms to store data and information. Gathered Here realised this won’t be feasible long-term and adds more time internally to continue with monitoring communications, tasks and organising contacts and leads. With the help of a HubSpot expert, HubSpot CRM platform was able to export and import the data from the various external platforms as one.


After migrating data into HubSpot, Gathered Here now has full scope and visibility on the accountability and information of each employee. Internal departments have a single view with emails, calls, and task-related activities with a particular contact or lead. HubSpot abilities extend from migration, Gathered Here were big fans of HubSpot’s ability to integrate with Slack. It kept the team in Gathered Here well connected, and can communicate more efficiently, which facilitated the integration of new employees and enabled the business to focus on scaling up more easily.







The Outcome

When Gathered Here fully migrated their platforms, it opened a whole new world of HubSpot CRM platform capabilities. HubSpot was key to unlocking Gathered Here’s customer data, Sales and Marketing activities, customer service, and CRM to ensure key business information is transparent and easily accessible across multiple departments. HubSpot CRM capabilities goes down to the fine details and filters. Gathered Here can define their customer database and separate information into objects – such as contacts, companies, deals and tickets – to simplify the organisation process for their employees.


With having built-in automation for their processes and tasks, this ensured a prevention of any loss of data and ensured that all teams are aware of current statuses. Additionally, HubSpot ensures all data can now be viewed in real-time dashboards and notifies any data issues, rather than searching for them which reduces the amount of time manual processing numbers and minimises any human error and time spent generating reports via Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Gathered Here realised the power of HubSpot not only offers a
single-source of truth and scope of customer data, customer
services, performance data, Sales and Marketing activities, but also
how much more time the team now have to focus on successfully
scaling the growth of their business.


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