Arryved Scaling Business Through Automations and Systems



The Problem

Arryved is a point-of-service based software company specialising in the craft food and beverage service industry: breweries, brewpubs, pizzerias, cideries, entertainment venues, distilleries, wineries, and non-brewery taprooms. 


Delivering a flexible, reliable, team-centric platform that puts service first in every way. Remove the archaic Point-of-sale terminal and integrate a mobile POS with contactless payments and ordering, ecommerce, state of the art data and reporting, and excellent customer support with simple, reliable pricing. 

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The Solution

As Arryved was facing the challenges of rapid expansion, it was crucial to develop a strategy and plan quickly without disrupting the internal processes. The use of HubSpot alleviated a lot of hurdles in terms of providing effective workflows, architecture, automations and an overall single source of truth and insight to customer journeys, which is critical during a time of growth.


Due to the rapid growth, it was challenging to maintain the back-end processes and functions in a CRM platform. Arryved found it difficult to get a clear scope and understanding on how the business is tracking as the business had no visibility in its customers journeys, conversations between Sales teams, lead generations and workflows setups. With the help of a HubSpot expert to guide the business, an in-depth audit was conducted to get the lay of the land and to identify any gaps in the current approach to determine what is necessary to achieve the business’ goals.

Embracing HubSpot’s capabilities, Arryved now has redesigned their HubSpot account to an efficient and healthy lead allocation automation to adapt the complex and dynamic territory split. Foundations to obtain an accurate depiction of lead generation by Marketing was implemented in order for the business to manage accelerated growth.




The Outcome

Arryved reports found it difficult to generate consistent reporting, as the scaling of the business was a challenge to keep up with steps and processes, this can result in discrepancies in reporting. Implementing a strategy for architecture, forms of metrics, and mapping of customer lifecycle stages were able to be achieved.


With the power of HubSpot’s dashboard, these dashboards proved invaluable as the business can view the full scope of all these details in one place. The business can also gain insights on lead sources, from which channel and sales acceptance and rejection, gain more clarity on lead ownership and their status, reducing frustration and improving collaboration. An established semi-automated approach to deal creation tailored to the client’s team usage and ease of use. HubSpot ensures that the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are measurable, which is crucial for the business.

Utilising HubSpot allowed Arryved to be able to focus on new markets and opportunities and continue to scale without having to worry about seeing rapid growth as a challenge.

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